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What Role Does An Attorney Play In Forming A Limited Liability Company?

Initially an attorney will help determine whether a limited liability company, the appropriate entity for the client, rather than a corporation,  limited partnership,  sole proprietorship or a general partnership. Once a decision is made to create a limited liability company, the attorney will prepare the organizing document, the “Articles of Organization” and file it with the Secretary of State. He will also prepare an operating agreement and any related documents such as separate buy/sell or employment agreements as may be appropriate. He may also prepare confidentiality/trade secret agreements as the situation requires.

The attorney can then represent the entity going forward with respect to the business issues. These can include employment law issues, wage and hour issues, contract and leasing issues and business contracts with vendors and suppliers.

What Is The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Business Attorney?

Just as it is important  to hire an experienced doctor if someone needs treatment for an illness, the same is true with attorneys: the greater the number of life circumstances and business situations the attorney has faced, the more knowledge he will have with respect to your particular problem and the more valuable his input will be. Experienced attorneys have been “road-tested”. After practicing for a number of years, an attorney has usually seen almost every legal or business problem imaginable, and will not be learning on their current client’s dime.

Experienced attorneys tend to be sympathetic to people’s problems because they have seen more of life and understand its uncertain and oftentimes harsh reality. I believe I am a better attorney now than at any prior point in my life because I have both experience and accumulated knowledge and wisdom. I have also organized my system so that I can represent clients efficiently and effectively.

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