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Probate Administration

We offer comprehensive probate administration services to help clients through the potentially complex and troublesome process of probate after a loved one passes away. Our goal is to handle your legal challenges so you can focus on your family and friends during a difficult time.

We represent clients throughout Northern California in probate matters. For experienced legal representation in any probate matter, contact the Law Offices of Michael Hanks in Gold River, California. To reach our firm, call us at (916) 635-0302 or contact us online.

Attorney Michael Hanks has been representing people throughout Northern California with their estate planning and probate needs for more than 30 years.

All Probate Matters

If you need an attorney for a matter in probate court, we can help. We handle all probate matters. We assist clients throughout the entire process of probate including all court proceedings, getting appointed, petitioning for final distribution, prosecuting or defending will contests (before and after probate), tax compliance issues, sales of real estate and estate property, out-of-state property, preliminary distribution issues and alternatives to probate administration. We also provide advice about pension plan transfers, life insurance collection and bank account issues that might arise.

Estate planning and Elder Law

In addition to our probate services, we offer a full range of estate planning and elder law services. We draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced healthcare directives and other estate planning/elder law documents to help people plan for their futures.

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