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Is A Prenup Good For Someone With Limited Assets?

Even if someone has limited assets, a prenuptial agreement can still be advisable, because there are still issues like spousal support, where you plan to live and how to pay the bills.

What Qualities Should You Look For In Selecting A Lawyer for a Prenuptial Agreement?

Fundamentally, if the attorney that you’re considering does not advertise on his or her website that he or she engages in prenuptial agreements, you shouldn’t consider them

Drafting of pre-nuptial agreements should be a prominent feature of their website. It’s not something that most attorneys typically do, so if they don’t advertise that they negotiate prenuptial agreements, they are not good candidates and (hopefully) would refuse the engagement outright.

The best way to find a prenuptial attorney is by getting a referral from another attorney. You can try calling family law attorneys, some of whom do prenuptial agreements and some of whom don’t, but who almost always know the qualified attorneys in the field.

Once you identify at least two potential attorneys who do this type of work, call them and set up an initial consultations, to get a sense of their personality and their style of practice. Speak to at least two or three attorneys and make sure the one you choose is compatible with your personality.

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