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  • “Some thirty years have passed and Michael is still my attorney of choice. He has provided exceptional advice…

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The Law Offices Of Michael Hanks

An Attorney For Life And Law With A Human Touch

Mr. Hanks has the legal expertise to successfully represent a client through all life stages, from business start-up to estate planning for a young family; purchase and sale of real estate; business operation and management and eventually sale of the business and end of life planning. His training and experience gives him the breadth and depth to handle those matters with both legal skill and a human touch. He endeavors with each client to form a long term relationship and serve as each client’s “go to” resource when legal challenges arise. By getting to know the client and his or her unique personality, Mr. Hanks is able to take each client’s circumstance into account in fashioning legal solutions. Whether in a phone call or a meeting, his advice will be sound and logical, with due consideration given to the human equation.

Mr. Hanks takes pride in bringing an empathetic approach to each case. His 30+ years of practice have taught him that solid, objective advice from a skilled professional is the key to easing the client’s anxiety and achieving a successful result. He has successfully managed almost every type of legal and personal problem humans can invent, and understands that every situation has at least two sides. He has helped hundreds of clients chart a path through stormy waters, in the manner of a wise and trusted friend. He also seeks to maintain to the extent possible, civil relations between the parties to the conflict. He understands that most clients simply want to resolve the problem at hand and move on in as fair and efficient a manner as possible, and his efforts are always directed to that goal.

A Legal Gatekeeper for His Clients

Mr. Hanks’ legal career has been devoted to client service. He understands that when a client calls or contacts an attorney, they are experiencing anxiety. They may lack the knowledge to know what questions to ask or what kind of attorney they need. Mr. Hanks maintains solid professional relationships with a number of attorneys practicing in other areas, and if the need is in an area outside his practice, he will direct the client to another qualified professional. He will then work with that professional as needed to insure the best outcome for the client.

Clear Headed Legal Counseling

Mr. Hanks’ personal style is to bring a calm and clear headed approach to the art of legal counseling. He also understands that clients want an attorney who can guide them through the process with their self- regard intact. His “bed side” manner is exceptional and a great comfort in times of legal stress.

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